TRAMS: Excellence in Tracheostomy Care

Austin TRAMS

The Tracheostomy Review and Management Service (TRAMS) is a specialist service introduced at Austin Health in 2002. A team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and speech pathologists coordinate and direct the care of patients with a tracheostomy tube across three campuses and into the community.
Austin Health is pleased to be a lead Australasian site for the Global Tracheostomy Collaborative along with the Royal Children's Hospital.  Australasian hospitals wishing to join the GTC (Click Here)        

International Tracheostomy Symposium 2018

Interested in attending the 4th International Tracheostomy Symposium and learning more about the GTC as well as learning the latest regarding quality care in the management of tracheostomies?  Click the picture below to pre-register your interest.

Patient and Family Meeting – 4th April 2017

The first patient and family meeting in April had a terrific turnout with a few presentations and much discussion and friendships created along the way.  Click here to see more.


TRAMS March 2017 Interprofessional Tracheostomy Workshop was a wonderful success!

We had our full quota of 65 people attending the day and had representation from Nursing, Physiotherapy and Speech Pathology.  Many attended from external organisations including from New Zealand, Queensland, NSW, Tasmania, South Australia as well as Victorian rural and metropolitan health services. Click the graph below to see some feedback/evaluation from the day.

Get on board the GTC Webinar series! - click image above to see details and to register your interest

New resource - Community Tracheostomy Training Program

Click on the picture to access this resource

Colin's Story:                                                

Click on the picture to watch a short film of Colin's story after sustaining a spinal cord injury whilst working on the farm.  Colin's story provides a great example of what the community arm of TRAMS aims to facilitate when a long-term tracheostomy in necessary.                                                                     

Stand on the shoulders of giants

An inspirational BLOG by Gerard Stevenson telling his story after sustaining a spinal cord injury on August 24th 2014.